Kohnke’s Own Trim

Features and Benefits:

  • Nutritional supplement to assist weight loss in horses
  • For overweight horses and ponies with cresty necks, fatty deposits, horses, or ponies at risk of laminitis
  • Also assists horses and ponies with Equine Metabolic Syndrome or Insulin Resistance
  • Helps to normalise the metabolism in ‘good doer’ horses and ponies

Unique Design:

  • Features specific nutrients that have roles in burning dietary fat and sugar
  • Can be used before a horse is at risk of laminitis, but can also quickly soften and reduce cresty necks and tail butt fat
  • Beneficial for show horses and ponies to reduce extra weight quickly
  • Does not contain any added sugars
  • Pelleted supplement with vanilla flavouring that mixes easily into feed
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