Stump grinder

Suitable for a large spectrum of stump sizes. With the ability to chip down to 300mm deep the stumps and roots can be virtually removed and then filled in with top soil. Paddock has designed the stump grinder with simplicity in mind. Easy to operate and lends itself to DIY or home use as well as commercial use for landscapers and tradesmen. The heavy duty tungsten teeth are purpose designed and make light work of old and hardened stumps. While extremely hard wearing new tungsten teeth are available and easy to install.

Safety is paramount when performing a cutting and smashing application such as stump removal. While PPE is essential, the comprehensive deflection flaps drastically reduce flying wood chips. An internal clutch mechanism prevents feed back from the blades to the user. A deadman fail safe switch is present on the handle which cuts the engine as soon as the user releases their grip from the handle. A protective guard covers the muffler and the exhaust gas is directed sideways away from the user.